A passionate advocate for mental and emotional health, Dr. Edith Shiro works with individuals, children and families to help them achieve their highest levels of wellbeing through an integrative approach to therapy. She promotes resilience and growth in patients by helping create meaningful personal narratives that transform and move the individual onto the path of their fullest potential.

Dr. Shiro’s conceptual model is rooted in various theoretical approaches, including family systems and systemic thinking, psychodynamic and relational therapy, attachment theory and trauma therapy.  She also incorporates the transformative power of mindfulness into her practice and employs a variety of mind/body techniques and hypnosis as tools for healing.

Dedicated to the psychological, emotional and spiritual development of her patients, Dr. Shiro's research interest and presentations include:

- Conscious Parenting

- Positive Psychology

- immigration and acculturation

- Trauma and Post-traumatic Growth

Dr. Edith Shiro is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice at the Mindspectrum Institute. Originally from Venezuela, she holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Yeshiva University, a certification in International Trauma Studies from NYU, and a postdoctoral specialization in Family Therapy from the Ackerman Institute in New York.  

Dr. Shiro has spoken at conferences and workshops nationwide, appeared on several TV and radio shows, and has been published in journals and magazines. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.